26 January 2012

What the hell have I done?

A few days ago, I got a new email from Deteksi Jawa Pos. Deteksi Jawa Pos notice me that I need to fulfill my form about Host Family Information and write a letter for my host family in Chicago, IL, USA.
Well, here it comes. I don't know  "What the hell have I done?" with this letter. I feel like somethin' wrong with me, but, actually I don't care about "What the hell have I done?", the most important thing is  "I did it!".

You know what I mean?

Please write a letter to your host family.   Tell them about yourself, and be creative!  You may want to describe your personality, your favorite classes, sports, activities you like, things you would like to try while in the United States, what you would like to share with them about your home country, what’s important to you, and anything else you would like them to know!

Dear My Host Family,
Hello there! No, I mean, Hello my GREAT host family!  So, how’s America today? Seriously, it was nice to have the first time to touch you all through this GREAT letter. Hahaha. Is it funny, right? No, I don’t think so. But you should think so. Hehe. First I want to introduce myself, well, ehemm...
My name’s Arya Adikristya Nonoputra, but you can call me Arya or anything else would you like but in one condition, it still polite for me. I’m Indonesian, and I live in the second biggest city in Indonesia, yeah, THIS IS MY LOVELY HOMETOWN: SURABAYA - CITY OF HEROES. I was born as a sweet baby on June 25, 1995.
Just want to share little about my hobbies are writing about anything what I want to, blogging (doing something marvelous with my own site), soccer and of course, I like to eat. Hehehe

Do you want to know about my fantastic plan in Chicago? Okay, I want to promote BATIK. You know BATIK? Batik is the most precious and popular Indonesia’s culture heritage that has been recognized by the world. Okay, if you still don’t know about batik, you can googling and just type on your search engine “BATIK”. Well, done. I think BATIK will be a new stylish fashion in Chicago, just wait ya!

I’m a flexible person, spesific it means that I can live with poor and strong economic conditions and I’d love to learning something new for me all the time.
You all need to know about this, yeah, this is important for an our conversation soon in Chicago.
I’m still feel nervous when I should speak language in English, because I think my english conversation isn’t good enough and I need your understanding if miss communicated was happen between us.
Honestly, it’s very hard for me to write a letter in English for you my host family. Hahaha. Oh dear, please don’t laugh. Am I need to eat Oxford English Dictionary?:)

If I had been arrived in America, maybe you can invite me to join with your family’s daily activity or anything else that I can’t get in Indonesia. And maybe I can teach you little bit about my Native language, Bahasa Indonesia, and how Indonesian people fulfill they’re role as Indonesia Citizens.
Well, in my house,  my parents always taught me to be an independent person.

I need more than a piece of paper to describe myself. I need to see you soon to make a GREAT relationship with you guys. As soon as possible, I promise I’ll be there. Thank you.:)

Best regards,

Be Creative, right?
Arya Adikristya Nonoputra

Arya Adikristya - 26 Januari 2012
5 Arya Adikristya: What the hell have I done? A few days ago, I got a new email from Deteksi Jawa Pos . Deteksi Jawa Pos notice me that I need to fulfill my form about Host Fami...


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